First Time Legendary Oaks Team Member Tournament Host Succeeded on Saturday, 10/27/2018, Everybody Had Fun. Thanks to Everyone and specially to Mayor Michael Wolfe.

The Winners:

Gross Trophy: Armando Flores (70)

A Flight: 1st place: Sef Salas, 2nd place: Armando Flores, 3rd place: Austin Chou. Longest Drive: Aaron Estel, Closest to the Pin: Sef Salas

B Flight: 1st Place Long Wen, 2nd place: Guangying Wang, 3rd place: Charles Alison. Longest Drive: Charles Alison, Closest to the Pin: Long Wen

Lady: 1st place: Anna Wang, 2nd place:Barbara Taylor, 3rd place: Selina Gill. Closest to the Pin: Anna Wang

  • *We still welcome more player to register our Team Member*

11/18/2018 Legendary Oaks Team Member Management November Announcement:

Dear Legendary Oaks Team Members,

Due to the Holiday and weather issue, we will not have tournament for this month( November).We are planning to have a tournament on 12/22/2018 for December. If we can not make it by weather or other issue, then we will have a Christmas and new year party in our club house, NO COST for our members, just come to enjoy the food and wine/beer and the dancing/singing.Have a great holidays ! See you guys soon.
—Legendary Oaks Team Member Management

December 2018 Tournament & Christmas Party:

Legendary Oaks Golf Team

December 2018 Tournament & Christmas Party

  • Saturday, Dec. 22, 2018
    Check in: 11:00am
    Shotgun: 12:00pm
    Party: 5pm–10pm
    $50.00 to Play

Included: Green Fee, Food, Wine and Drink, Trophy, Christmas Gift

We will have:

A Flight, B Flight 1st, 2nd, 3rd Trophy and Longest Drive, Closest to The Pin Awards.

Sign Up, Call 979-826-4001, 832-283-8606 or Email:

*Sign Up Deadline: Dec. 18, 2018

December Tournament & Christmas party
Tournament Sign Up Form

**December Tournament and Christmas party**

On December 22, 2018 Saturday, we have a successfully tournament and a happy Christmas party.
36 Registered, 34 final played, 32 qualified for score.

Here is the Winners:

Gross: George Wu (76)
A Flight: 1st place: George Wu, 2nd place: John Jiang, 3rd place: Henry Ren, Longest Drive: Armando Flores,  Closest to the Pin: Aaron Estel
B Flight: 1st Place Michael Zheng, 2nd place: Charles Ma, 3rd place: Wayne Taylor, Longest Drive: Anna Wang, Closest to the Pin: Kevin Wu

***Third time Legendary Oaks Team Members Tournament***
March 30, 2019, Saturday.

  • On the 30th of March, Saturday, the 3rd Legendary Oaks Golf Course Team Members Tournament was successfully held on our own golf course. In the morning, the sky was raining, the temperature began to drop, and the wind speed increased. However, this does not affect the high enthusiasm of our players, the game started on time at 1:30pm in the afternoon. Fortunately, the weather gradually got better in the later afternoon. After five hours of intense competition, more than 20 players have scored very good results, the best total score of 76. Below is the specific winner list. Flight A: First place Gregory Pedraza 71 (76-5) Trophy + cash prize $50. Second place Michael Wolf (Hempsted Mayor) 78 (93-15) Trophy + Titleist ProV Ball. Third place Ron Gilliam 81 (93-12) Trophy + Titleist Softtour Ball. Longest lane: Ernesto Cervantes Trophy + Callaway Ball Closest to Pin:Perry Wong Trophy + Callaway Ball Flight B: First place Wayne Taylor 67 (87-20) Trophy + cash prize $50. Second place Steve Snell 76 (94-18) Trophy + Titleist ProV Ball. Third place Leo Luo 77 (95-18) Trophy + Titleist Softtour Ball. Longest lane: David Zhang Trophy + Callaway Ball Closest to Pin:Victoria Jiao Trophy + Callaway Ball After the awards, We had two rounds of draws, golf GPS watches, golf balls, gloves, hats, red wine, etc., almost everyone has gifts. Special thanks to the sponsorship of Huamei Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd. and the prizes provided by Dream Sport LLC. Thank you for your participation, we will see you next time.

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